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by Jan Wedel

OPC & DCOM - The Good Parts


let me begin by thanking the creators of COM, DCOM and OPC for this masterpiece of software, this flexible middleware and the incredibly intuitive API. This saved me so much time that I would have otherwise spent with debugging memory issues & access violations, trying to figure out how the hell to pass strings back forth between client and server without crashing the application. But thankfully, everything is well thought and there are great tools to find out whats happening within the internals of COM. Thankfully, remote authentication works out of the box and you wouldn't need to restart the server to make small changes in the configuration. And even if you had a problem (which virtually never happens), it's really easy to google problems with "COM" where you instantly find what you are looking for.

After this small introduction of worshipping Microsoft's descendants, let's start with the 36 pages article of describing all the good parts of OPC & DCOM:

  1. It's uhm...let me think...widely available! *
  2. ...Damn this is's...

I give up.

* Only on Windows (This has been adopted from "PHP - The Good Parts")

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