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by Jan Wedel


GridSolver - Nonogram Solver Update 2.0

Another update has been released.

In the latest version 2.0 of the Nonogram Solver GridSolver. Notable changes are:

Increased Solving Speed

I was able to reduce the time to solve a Nonogram significantly, again.

I used another 45x45 nonogram. These were the stats before the changes:

Dimensions  45x45 (2025 cells)
Time Elapsed    00:02:43
Parallel Workers    16
Total Steps 63
Iterations  471,215

And those are the stats with v2.0:

Dimensions  45x45 (2025 cells)
Time Elapsed    00:00:46
Parallel Workers    16
Total Steps 63
Iterations  227,539

As you can see, the time was reduced from 2m43s to 46s! I improved the speed by generally reducing the necessary iterations as well as reusing the web workers.

UX Improvements

The new version got some notable user experience improvements.

A new permanent bar is added at the bottom that always shows the grid controls to navigate between the solution steps. Also, a slider has been added to quickly sweep through the steps to find the relevant step.


Better Support for Larger Nonograms

Larger Nonogram sometimes got squeezed to to the fixed width. Now, within GridSolve, the full with of your screen resolution is used to display the grid.

Overview Table

White solving, you can now see the overview table all the time to watch the steps build up the solution step-by-step.


Error Handling

When there is an error during solving, the overlay will close and display the error:


Most of the time, this happens due to typos in the entered spec.

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